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It’s time for an afternoon out! If you like to keep busy, this afternoon of dice is for you! Roll the dice and with some luck you may get all three the same: could be a “funco” or a “bunco”- it depends what number is being rolled. The object of the game is to roll as many points as possible before the head table reaches the goal and stops the play. Points are accumulated to determine wins and losses for each round. $10 Prizes are awarded for the most bunco’s and $5 prize for the most wins after the final round of play. The traveling prize is awarded to the one with the most losses. It returns each month so the next “loser” can take it home. Beverages and light snacks are included in the fee. Snacks may be brought to share with the group, if desired. It is quick and easy to learn, just stop in and play!
Location: Large Room, David A Francis Center
Instructor: Candace Kissel MIN/MAX: 8/16

Age Day Time Date Reg. By R/NR Fee Code #
Adult W 12:45-3:00P 8/23 8/17 $5/$7 351911-4
Adult W 12:45-3:00P 9/20 9/15 $5/$7 151911-1
Adult W 12:45-3:00P 10/25 10/20 $5/$7 151911-2
Adult W 12:45-3:00P 11/29 11/24 $5/$7 151911-3
Adult W 12:45-3:00P 12/20 12/15 $5/$7 151911-4


Tennis Court Construction Project:

The tennis courts will be closed starting July 13th and will re-open August 23rd weather permitting. All four courts will be repaired and painted. Thank you for your patience, Sandwich Park District.

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