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Fitness Classes


Have you always said, “I’m just not a runner”? Well, here is the class to change that! Get off the couch and get started one foot at a time with a class focused on gradually increasing your running ability. This class provides safe and effective training to get you ready for a 5K race in 9 weeks. You will get a great workout in a fun and encouraging group environment no matter what your fitness level, fitness experience, or age. This class is intended to prepare you for the Sandwich Park District’s Donut Dash run, which is included in your fee, along with a tee shirt. The instructor will contact participants to inform them where to meet for each class.  Come join us and have fun learning while getting physically fit!

Located:  Sandwich, IL 

Instructor: Dr. Vickie Swenson, Dr. of Chiropractic Medicine

MIN/MAX: 5/30


The Zumba Fitness program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms & easy to follow moves to create a “one of a kind” fitness workout that will blow you away! You will love this exhilarating workout! The routines feature interval training sessions involving fast and slow rhythms to sculpt your body while burning fat. Zumba Fitness is spreading worldwide like wildfire. Ages 14 to adult can participate.

Located:  Large Room, David A. Francis Center    Instructor:  Olivia Gray


Here is something to do for a healthier you! Help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, improve your balance and posture, breathe better, have more energy, and strengthen your muscles. Tone your body and help lower your blood pressure. Take part in 15 minutes of walking (outdoors, weather permitting, or indoors), 10 minutes of warm-up exercises, 20 minutes of strengthening and toning exercises using a chair and hand weights, and ending with 15 minutes of balance and cool down exercises. Bring an exercise mat, towel and water. Come fellowship with some fellow “BOOMERS”.

Located:  Large Room, David A. Francis Center    Instructor:   Olivia Gray  


This class is for the very beginner and will include movements to develop balance and strength. Emphasis is placed on breathing technique and coordination of breathing with movements. Chair Yoga increases flexibility and helps decrease joint pain. A chair is used as an aid to balance and standing poses. The room is darkened and scented, with soothing music playing. Participants may wear shoes, but bare feet are recommended during the session. Bring your own non-slip floor mat, towel and water.

Located:  Large Room, David A. Francis Center    Instructor:   Olivia Gray  


This class is designed for the beginner or intermediate participant of all fitness levels. Yoga practice involves slow deliberate movement and poses to strengthen, stretch and relax the whole body. The warm, darkened room, soothing music and mild aromas will lift away your stress.  Ages 14 to adult can participate. NOTE: Bring a non-slip yoga mat, towel, water, and a jacket for cool down. Wear loose clothing to enable proper form and ease of movement.

Located:  Large Room, David A. Francis Center    Instructor:   Olivia Gray  


Women over 50! This class is designed for women over 50 looking for a fun and different way to either stay healthy or return to a healthy state! Basic kickboxing skills will be taught; including mild sparring, and mild kicking. We will work together to improve ourselves physically while having a ton of fun! We will also touch on nutrition and individual goals. Wear loose clothing, bring a towel and water. Shorts or sport tights are preferred and low “soles” are recommended. You will have to purchase a set of gloves. That information will be available when you register. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Limited enrollment, so register early!

Located:  Large Room, David A. Francis Center    Instructor:   Sue Swithin 

Tennis Court Construction Project:

The tennis courts will be closed starting July 13th and will re-open August 23rd weather permitting. All four courts will be repaired and painted. Thank you for your patience, Sandwich Park District.