Our girls’ basketball league is an opportunity for teams to play other local towns. Emphasis is based on developing skills and fundamentals of basketball. All games are played at Sandwich Schools. Practice times are at individual coach’s discretion, to be announced. Teams will be created through a draft, (if needed), after coaches evaluate players during a skills evaluation, and complete a skills form. Coaches will have the opportunity to see players go through a series of basketball drills. Skills evaluation day and time will be scheduled during our pre-season coaching meeting. The success of this program relies on parent volunteers. If you’d like to volunteer to be a head or assistant coach, please let us know at time of registration. Coaches meeting/clinic TBA. Practices start approximately two weeks before game schedule. A basketball jersey is included in the fee. All registration is done at the Sandwich Park District. Dates and times listed for this program may change due to the School Districts scheduling needs.

Registration deadline is Sept. 25th.

Dates and times listed for this program may change due to the School District’s scheduling needs.

Girls Basketball Registration Dates:

May 1st – Sept. 16th. Fee $55/$75

Sept. 18th – Sept. 26th, registration fee: $65/$85

Coaches meeting TBA.                      

 Location: Haskin Elementary School

Coordinator: Garland King                           MIN/MAX: 10/200

 Grade   Day        Time               Date               Register By  R/NR Fee    Code #

5th        Sa          8:00-12:00P     10/21-12/9       9/25              $55/75         130202-1

6th        Sa          8:00-12:00P     10/21-12/9       9/25              $55/75         130202-2

7th        Sa          8:00-12:00P     10/21-12/9       9/25              $55/75         130202-3

8th        Sa          8:00-12:00P     10/21-12/9       9/25              $55/75         130202-4


*This program qualifies for the Family Discount Program.

Basketball – Winter Boys                 

Sign up today for the Tri-City Basketball League. Sandwich athletes wanting to participate in the winter boys’ basketball program must sign up at the Sandwich Park District. Athletes that attend school outside of the Sandwich School District must register in the corresponding town. This developmental recreation program is geared towards building basketball skills and fundamentals. Games are played against other towns. All games are played on Saturdays beginning in January. Teams are limited to 10 players per team. Registration is first come first served. A waiting list will be created after 10 participants register. When there are 5 participants on our waiting list, the 15 total participants will be divided into two teams. Coaches will draft players to make up their teams if a draft is needed. There will be a skills evaluation night so coaches can review players before draft night. Maximum number of participants is subject to number of volunteer coaches. Registration fees increase $10 after November 18th. Registration deadline is December 2nd, 2017. Dates and times listed for this program may change due to the School District’s Scheduling Needs.  

Winter Boys’ Registration Dates:

Aug. 30th – Nov. 18th. Fee: $60/$$82

Nov. 20th – Dec. 2nd. Fee: $70/$92

This program qualifies for the Family Discount

Coaches meeting Time/Location TBD.

 Location: Sandwich Middle School & Haskin School

Coordinator: Garland King                           MIN/MAX: 6/20

 Grade   Day        Time               Date               Register By  R/NR Fee    Code #

4th        Sa          8:00-1:00P       12/18-3/3         12/2              $60/82         230203-1

5th        Sa          8:00-1:00P       12/18-3/3         12/2              $60/82         230203-2

6th        Sa          8:00-1:00P       12/18-3/3         12/2              $60/82         230203-3

7th        Sa          8:00-1:00P       12/18-3/3         12/2              $60/82         230203-4

8th        Sa          8:00-1:00P       12/18-3/3         12/2              $60/82         230203-5

October Fitness Classes:

Who wants to get stronger while making great friends? Join us each week for one or more of our Fitness Classes!

Need a great workout?

10/16 Monday Fitness Basics   @10:30AM
10/16 Monday Zumba   @6:30 PM
10/17 Tuesday Yoga   @7:00PM
10/18 Wednesday Chair Yoga  
@ 11:15 AM
10/18 ~NEW~Wednesday – Wonder Women Circuit Training   @5:15 PM
10/19 Thursday Zumba         @6:30 PM

Want to try a class only $7 for one class

Join us and bring a friend!

Sandwich Park District 815-786-8044

2017 Fall.Winter Guide

2017 Fall.Winter Guide

GoFundMe Tennis Project

GoFundMe Tennis Project

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