Toddlers and Youth


Spend some quality time with your tiny tot and expose them to activities that promote curiosity, creativity and dexterity. We will have a new theme each week to enhance the fun and learning. Each participant needs to bring an adult helper and be clothed for tumbling and to make a mess.
Location:Large Room, David A Francis Center
Instructor: Staff MIN/MAX: 4/12

Age: Day: Time: Date: Reg. By: R\NR Fee: Code #:
16mo.- 3yrs Tu 10:00-11:00A 9/12-10/17 9/6 $24/28 111801-1
16mo.- 3yrs Tu 10:00-11:00A 11/14-12/19 11/7 $24/28 111801-2


Join Jake, our arts and crafts guru as he helps you create beautiful crafts such as wall decor, mono chromatic and silhouette art along with learning new painting techniques. Each week there will be a new project, please call closer to class time to know what the project is that day. Register for all mystery classes by September 13th and get a $10 discount.
Location: Large Room, David A Francis Center
Instructor: Jake Ellis MIN/MAX: 4/12

Age Day Time Date Reg By R/NR Fee Code #
12+ W 6:00-7:30P 9/20-10/25 9/13 $80/$92 151803-1
12+ W 6:00-7:30P 9/20 9/13 $15/$17 151803-2
12+ W 6:00-7:30P 9/27 9/20 $15/$17 151803-3
12+ W 6:00-7:30P 10/4 9/25 $15/$17 151803-4
12+ W 6:00-7:30P 10/11 9/4 $15/$17 151803-5
12+ W 6:00-7:30P 10/18 10/11 $15/$17 151803-6
12+ W 6:00-7:30P 10/25 10/18 $15/$17 151803-7


This class is half Ballet and half Jazz. This class will help accelerate and diversify the students dance skills. This class is for 5 and 6 year olds looking to focus on improving their style in Ballet and Jazz.
Location: Large Room, David A Francis Center
Instructor: Gold Star Academy  MIN/MAX: 6/15

Age: Day: Time: Date: Reg. By: R\NR Fee: Code #:
5-6 M 5:15-6:00P 9/11-10/16 9/4 $65/70 131603-1
5-6 M 5:15-6:00P 10/30-12/4 10/23 $65/70 131603-2


This 9:45-10:15am class is an introductory dance class containing ballet and creative movement for ages 2-3. Young dancers will learn the basic steps while learning how to follow direction and imitate movement in a positive environment. The use of props such as “dancing bears”, hula hoops and maracas, enables the young dancers to use their imagination, creativity and most of all have fun! The 10:15-10:45am is a fun upbeat class for children ages 16 months to 24 months and their parent or caregiver. Circle time, stretching, various dance movements & styles, obstacle courses, props, instruments, boogie time and more! Ballet shoes are required.
Location: Large Room, David A Francis Center
Instructor: Gold Star Academy  MIN/MAX: 6/15

Age: Day: Time: Date: Reg. By: R\NR Fee: Code #:
2-3 W 9:45-10:15A 9/13-10/18 9/6 $55/60 131602-1
2-3 W 9:45-10:15A 11/1-12/6 10/24 $55/60 131602-2
1.5-2 W 10:15-10:45A 9/13-10/18 9/6 $55/60 131602-3
1.5-2 W 10:15-10:45A 11/1-12/6 10/24 $55/60 131602-4



A basic introduction to dance, focusing on ballet. Your little ones will love to plie, passe and eschappe’ with props and themes. We inspire movement and creativity within a positive environment. Dancers will also learn basic steps and terminology. Basic tumbling will also be taught.
Location: Large Room, David A Francis Center
Instructor: Gold Star Academy  MIN/MAX: 6/15

Age: Day: Time: Date: Reg. By: R\NR Fee: Code #:
3-5 W 9:00-9:45A 9/13-10/18 9/7 $65/70 131601-1
3-5 W 9:00-9:45A 11/1-12/6 10/25 $65/70 131601-2
3-5 M 4:30-5:15P 9/11-10-16 9/4 $65/70 131601-3
3-5 M 4:30-5:15P 10/30-12/4 10/23 $65/70 131601-4


Kids are invited to our Graffiti Glow Party! Get under the blacklight and shine with neon hair, facepaint, glow necklaces and your custom designed white t-shirt. Kids will receive a white t-shirt that you will have your friends graffiti on. Dance music, drinks, snacks, highlighters, facepaint, glow jewelry and fun will be provided. Be sure to wear clothing you want to be drawn on, white is the most reflective for our glow graffiti. Don’t miss out on the best party in town!

Location: Large Room
Instructor: Candace Kissel  MIN/MAX: 15/40

Age Day Time Date Reg. By R/NR Fee Code #
6-12 F 6:00-8:30P 11/17 11/10 $10 132104-1



Start a new tradition or continue an old one in this annual class. Holiday fun for everyone as we make three different ornaments to “deck the halls.” It will be so exciting hanging your finished ornaments on the tree at home or giving them as a gift to someone special.
Location: Mother Goose Room
Instructor: Barb Olin  MIN/MAX: 4/8

Age Day Time Date Reg. By R/NR Fee Code #
5-7 M 3:15-4:15P 12/11 12/4 $14/21 131801-1



What would the holiday be like without deliciously decorated cookies? Bring your creative ideas to this one time class. Frosting, sprinkles, and more will be provided as we decorate pre-made cookies. Note: Please bring a container to carry home your tasty treats.
Location: David A Francis Center
Instructor: Barb Olin Staff MIN/MAX: 10/24

Age: Day: Time: Date: Reg. By: R\NR Fee: Code #:
4-6 M 3:30-4:15P 12/18 12/11 $12/$18 122901-1

October Fitness Classes:

Who wants to get stronger while making great friends? Join us each week for one or more of our Fitness Classes!

Need a great workout?

10/16 Monday Fitness Basics   @10:30AM
10/16 Monday Zumba   @6:30 PM
10/17 Tuesday Yoga   @7:00PM
10/18 Wednesday Chair Yoga  
@ 11:15 AM
10/18 ~NEW~Wednesday – Wonder Women Circuit Training   @5:15 PM
10/19 Thursday Zumba         @6:30 PM

Want to try a class only $7 for one class

Join us and bring a friend!

Sandwich Park District 815-786-8044

2017 Fall.Winter Guide

2017 Fall.Winter Guide

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