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                                            For those who choose, an out-of-district   THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS
            AdministrativeOffices           family card is available for purchase for   For all your help and dedication when
             David A. Francis Center        $125, and is good for one year from date   we need coaches, assistant coaches,
            1001 N. Latham Street           issued. This card entitles the out-of-district   help with special events and with all
            Sandwich, IL 60548              cardholder and immediate family to one   of the volunteer opportunities the park
            815-786-8044                    year of in-district rates when signing up   district has to offer. We couldn’t do it
                                            for programs, or renting the David A.   without all of you!  Want to be a volunteer?
            Office Hours                    Francis Center for private use. An out-of-district   Just let us know!
              Monday-Thursday, 9:00A – 8:00P  family card may be purchased during
                                            normal business hours at the front desk.
             Friday, 9:00A – 5:00P          NOTE: If you specify when purchasing   OOPS!
             Saturday, 9:00A – 12:00 noon   an out-of-district family card that you   The Sandwich Park District staff tries
                                            want to make a $125 donation to the    to ensure that all information published
                                            Sandwich Park Foundation, your payment   in this program guide is correct as of
       WHICH FEE DO I PAY…                  is tax deductible.  Please make your check   press time; however, some information
       In-District or Out-of-District?      payable to the Sandwich Park Foundation.  may change after publication due to
       A Sandwich postal address does not in itself                                circumstances beyond our control.
       determine your Park District residency.    PHONE IN REGISTRATION            If changes occur, we regret any
       Park District residency is determined as   ANNUAL WAIVER                    inconvenience you may experience.
       living  within the Sandwich Park District   The Sandwich Park District offers an Annual
       “taxing” boundaries.                 Waiver for use by participants who wish   PHOTOS…SAY CHEESE!
                                            to take advantage of our phone-in-registration   Our photographers occasionally take
       Sandwich Park District residents support   option. All participants wishing to use the   photos of participants in our programs,
       the district through their property taxes.    phone-in registration option must have   during special events, and in our parks.
       The district was established in 1966 to   an Annual Waiver on file.         These photos may be used in our
       include only the City limits of Sandwich.                                   marketing. If you or your family members
       Anyone living out-of-district (Lake Holiday,   FEDERAL COMPLIANCES          do not want to be photographed or
       Wildwood, rural areas, Hidden Oaks, etc.)   The Sandwich Park District does not   published, please give us written notice
       is termed a Park District non-resident, or   discriminate on the basis of race, color,   on your registration form.
       out-of-district.                     religion, gender, sexual orientation, age,
                                            national origin, veteran’s status, marital status,
       Subsequently, non-residents do not pay   disability, or any other characteristic protected   REFUNDS
       taxes that contribute to supporting the   by law, in its programs and activities.  If the park district has to cancel a program
       district facilities and programs.  Residency                                or trip, a full refund or credit will be
       is based on the home or living address   PARK BOARD MEETINGS                given. If you have to cancel out of a
       of the program participant, and not the   Park Board meetings are now held on the   program or trip, a supply surcharge
       participant’s business address or address   second (2nd) Wednesday of every month   may apply.  NO refunds will be given
       of in-district family members.       at 6:30P in the David A. Francis Center.   on trips which included any type of
                                            The public is welcome to attend these open   reserved or pre-purchased tickets. It
       If in doubt, if you pay property taxes to the   meetings and are encouraged to participate.  is the participant’s responsibility to
       Sandwich Park District on the dwelling in                                   find an alternate should they have to
       which you reside, you are a park district   TREE MEMORIAL                   cancel.
       resident and entitled to the in-district fee.
                                            The park district welcomes donations of trees
                                            as a special way to honor or remember a   LOST AND FOUND
       FAMILY DISCOUNT/                     friend or loved one. Trees will be enjoyed   Items found in our parks are brought
       SPORTS/LEAGUES                       by many generations to come while improving   to the David A Francis Center, 1001
       The third child (or more) in your household   our environment and providing shade and   N. Latham Street by our Parks staff.  If
       receives a 50% off regular price for “selected”   beauty for our parks. The park district will   you leave something in a park please
       sports leagues. Children must be all   plant and maintain a tree on park property   stop by the Center to see if we have
       registered for the same activity.    and your loved one will be remembered   your item or call 815-786-8044.
                                            on our tree donation plaque in the lobby at
       OUT-OF-DISTRICT FAMILY               the David A. Francis Center.
       Available for Purchase –  In-District Rates   PROGRAM CAPACITY              FIND US ON FACEBOOK
       for 1 Year!  The Sandwich Park District   All programs have minimum and      We’re on Facebook!  Like us!  Become a
       resident, through property taxes, makes   maximum enrollments. If the minimum   friend of the Sandwich Park District.
       a significant contribution for the operation   enrollment is not met one week prior to   Look for updates of programs,
       of the Sandwich Park District. Out-of-district   the program date, the park district may   activities and special events.
       residents may register for programs …   have to cancel, postpone, or consolidate
       however, at a slightly higher fee as listed   the program with another. If we cancel a
       herein.                              program, a full refund is issued.

       6                    WE HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU!     815-786-8044
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