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      PARK SITES                       PARK HOURS
      1. Ernest Memorial Park          Parks are open from dawn till dark unless
          3104 Ernest Drive (Dutch Acres II)  otherwise posted.

      2. Harvey Creek Conservation Area
          Dayton Street and Lions Road   PLEASE CALL 911
                                       If you see something that should not be
      3. Henderson Park                occurring in your neighborhood park,
          110 W. Second Street         please call the Sandwich Police Department
                                       at 815-786-7261 or 911.  They will assist
      4. James Knights Park            the park district in monitoring your parks,
          David A. Francis Center-     maintaining the beauty and safety for you
                                       to visit and enjoy.
          Administrative Offices
          1001 N. Latham Street
                                       VISIT OUR WEBSITE
      5. Memorial Park                 At, you can find
          601 S. Green St.             information about all of our parks, activities,
                                       and much more.
      6. Milestone Park
          1375 N. Castle Street        MESSY SHOES CAN RUIN
                                       YOUR DAY
      7. Patriots Park                 All dogs must be on leash while using
          1220 N. Daniel Lane          all of our parks. As a responsible pet
                                       owner you MUST CLEAN UP AFTER
      8. Veterans Park (Gazebo)        THEM.  Bags are available at the entrance
          143 E Railroad Street        to Harvey Creek Conservation Area
                                       and Milestone Park.
      9. Westfield Park
          607 W. Charlotte Street
      10. Splash Park                  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT
                                       Some of our programs use Sandwich
            1250 N. Fairwind
                                       Community School District #430 facilities.
                                       The Sandwich Park District acknowledges
      Park tours are available to the public   and  appreciates  the  cooperation  of
      upon request. To tour and learn the   District #430 board and staff in making
      history of each park, contact the office   this possible.
      at 815-786-8044 to schedule a tour.


          Projects and Lightning Detection!
          I highlighted most of our projects in my letter on page 4.
          We also finished installing the lightning detection systems.
          We now have five units and they are located at; Knights
          Park, Prairie View Elementary, Memorial Park, Veterans
          Park and the high school concession building. Most of
          the units are programed to turn on at 8:00am and off
          at  9:00pm.  The  ones  at  Memorial  Park  and  the  high
          school concession building turn off at 10:00pm due to
          having lights available  for  late  night  activities.   When
          lightning is detected the horn sounds for 15 seconds,
          only one time. After 30 minutes if no lightning is present
          the three “all clear” horns sound.

       8                    WE HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU!     815-786-8044
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