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                                                                            FAST – CONTACT THE PARK DISTRICT

                                                              SAT PREP
                                                              Find out where you stand.  Are you interested in taking practice SAT tests
                                                              without it counting towards college admissions?  This program is designed to
                                                              allow students to take 2 SAT practice tests, along with 7 strategy sessions to
                                                              help boost your SAT score.  Students will become familiar with how the new
                                                              SAT format works, along with being able to practice reading, writing and math,
                                                              to find your weaknesses and strengths.  After each test, students will receive
                                                              a detailed score report, which breaks down your SAT test to your individual
                                                              strengths and weaknesses. Please note:  Practice tests will be taken on
                                                              October 14th and November 11th, and for those two class dates classes will
                                                              be from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.
                                                              Location:  Board Room
                                                              Instructor:  Hifi Kids      MIN/MAX:  4/8
                                                               Age  Day    Time      Date    Reg. By  R/NR Fee  Code #
                                                               13-18 Sa  9:30-11:00A  9/16-11/11  9/9  $220/225  141701-1

                                                              FAMILY CANOE AND CAMPING
                                                              This weekend we will have an outdoor adventure full of canoeing,
                                                              camping and camaraderie. We will depart from Knight’s park Friday
                                                              evening and head out to set up our campsite for the next two nights.
                                                              We will enjoy cooking around our campfire and making new friends.
                                                              Saturday, we will spend paddling and have lunch on the water. Saturday
                                                              night we will camp out then get up Sunday morning for our trip back
                                                              home. This trip is open to ages 8 and above, anyone under the age of
                                                              16 must have an adult join them. All meals, transportation and canoeing
                                                              equipment will be provided. You are asked to bring your own tent,
                                                              sleeping bag, chair and any other camping gear you deem necessary.
                                                              Location:  Fox River
                                                              Coordinator:  Candace Kissel        MIN/MAX:  8/16
                                                                Age   Day    Time      Date   Reg. By  R/NR Fee  Code #
       NEW                                                     Family  F-Su  6:00-1:00P  9/22-9/24  9/15  $40/50  172107-1

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