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                                     Garden Plots are available at our Sandwich Park District Community Garden.
         Family                      The plots are 10 x 50 (1 row) and limited to two (2) per household. We ask
                                     you to plant more and donate whatever you can to the local food pantries. We
        COMMUNITY                    have a list of those locations and times, or just drop off your produce and we
                                     will deliver it to those locations. The entire garden is available for residents,
        GARDEN PLOT                  non-residents, non-profits, and businesses to rent. The park district will re-
                                     serve some smaller plots for local food pantries and churches if needed. By
                                     mid October you will be required to clean your area. (Compost bin is avail-

                                     Cost: $25.00 per plot for Residents, Non-residents, Non-profit  organiza-
                                     tions, and businesses. Deposit Required: A $25.00 refundable deposit will
                                     be held until your plot is cleaned and inspected.

                                     Person(s) renting a plot must be 18 or older and have a valid driver’s li-
                                     cense. Special registration forms must be completed at the park district.
                                     Part of your obligation is to weed and clean your area during the season
                                     and at the end. If you do not fulfill your obligation to clean your plot you
                                     may jeopardize your opportunity to rent next year and will forfeit the $25
                                     deposit. The Local Food Pantries are: St. John’s Lutheran (Somonauk) Food
                                     Pantry, Cornerstone Food Pantry, Harvest Chapel Food Pantry.

                                     Location: The garden is located on Gletty Road, just south of Rt. 34, on the
                                     right side of the road. *The park district tills the area before and after the
                                     season and supplies water tanks. You will need to supply necessary tools.
                                     Location: Gletty Park Garden*

                                     Location:  Gletty Park Garden
                                     Coordinators:  Staff   MIN/MAX:  1/12
                                       R/NR Fee  Code #
                                       $25/25  372500-1


                   FARMER’S MARKET
        NEW        Farmer’s Market at Knights Park on Saturday morn-
                   ings. We invite all gardeners, farmers, crafters, honey
                   makers, etc to come out to the pavilion at Knights
                   Park on Arnold and Latham to sell your goods.  It
      will be on a first come first serve basis for space reservation. Vehicles
      may be worked out of but must be parked on the gravel or parking
      lot. Picnic tables under the pavilion will be available for use. Depend-
      ing on the growth of this event we hope to expand and encourage
      entertainment. Please call (815)786-8044 for information and
      registration. Please come out to enjoy this lovely park this summer
      and support our locals!

      Location:  Knights Park
      Instructor:  Candace Kissel   MIN/MAX:  2/12
        Age  Day     Time       Date   Reg. By    R/NR Fee  Code #
        Adult  Sa  9:00-12:00P  6/24-9/9  6/12  $25/30  372105-1

      10                    WE HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU!     815-786-8044
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