Facts about honey bees

1. Honey bees are super-important pollinators for flowers, fruits and
vegetables. This means that they help other plants grow! Bees transfer
pollen between the male and female parts, allowing plants to grow seeds
and fruit.

2. Honey bees live in hives (or colonies). The members of the hive are
divided into three types:

  • Queen: One queen runs the whole hive. Her job is to lay the eggs
    that will spawn the hive’s next generation of bees. The queen also produces
    chemicals that guide the behaviour of the other bees.
  • Workers: these are all female and their roles are to forage for food
    (pollen and nectar from flowers), build and protect the hive, clean and
    circulate air by beating their wings. Workers are the only bees most
    people ever see flying around outside the hive.
  • Drones: These are the male bees, and their purpose is to mate
    with the new queen. Several hundred live in each hive during the spring
    and summer. But come winter, when the hive goes into survival mode,
    the drones are kicked out!


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