All registrations, whether, phone, fax, mail or walk-in, require a registration form and signed waiver with payment before you are enrolled in a program or trip.  If you have any questions, please give us a call at 815-786-8044.



Freedom Day's Update 2020

The Sandwich Park District Board of Commissioners regret to inform you that the

Freedom Days Celebration set for June 27, 2020 & June 28, 2020 has been postponed.

Tree Memorials

The Sandwich Park District welcomes donations of trees as a special way to honor or remember a friend or loved one.  Trees will be enjoyed by many generations to come while improving our environment and providing shade and beauty for our parks.  The Sandwich Park District will plant and maintain a tree on park property and your loved one will be remembered on our tree donation plaque in the lobby of the David A. Francis Center located in Knights Park.  Call 815-786-8044 for more information.

In Memory of Harold Rosenstiel By His Family
In Memory of Bernard Hewing  
In Memory of Pauline Hewing  
Dedicated to Rose Kogutkiewicz  
In Memory of Wm. W. Squier, Sr. By Sandwich Rotary
In Memory of Luke Webb  
Greg Fallenstein, City Building Inspector/Alderman By the Fallenstein Family
In Memory of LaVern Abens, Sr. By His Family
In Memory of “Pete” Abens By His Brothers and Sisters
With Gratitude to Darrell Lohmeier  
With Gratitude to Steve Yingling Family  
In Memory of Scott Daffenberg By His Family
Drew Vermeland From Your Family and Friends
In Memory of Florence Fallenstein By Her Family
In Memory of Grace Frederick By Her Family
In Memory of Nancy Krapausky  
In Memory of Carlos Serrano By His Family
In Memory of John Riggs By His Sandhurst Friends
In Memory of Tyra Holley By His “Lunch Bunch” Friends
In Memory of Dave, Ron, & Jim Francis By Dorothy Francis
In Memory of Jeff Huber By the Breunigs
In Memory of Rosemarie Prokopec By Her Family & Friends



Governor Pritzker officially extended the statewide stay-at-home order. In accordance with this order, all Park District programs will be postponed and facilities will remain closed until Governor Pritzker has lifted the order.

This extension will impact the remainder of Winter/Spring programs, leagues, classes, and special events. Staff is determining what postponements or adjustments must be made. We ask for your patience while staff works through this process.

District PARKS & TRAILS REMAIN OPEN for walking, hiking, running, and biking as long as park users comply with social distancing requirements.


If utilizing our parks and trails, it is IMPERATIVE that you follow CDC recommendations for social distancing due to COVID-19. For information on these recommendations, visit

If you have any questions regarding this information, please feel free to contact us at or call and leave a message at 815.786.8044. There will be staff available to answer phones during the Stay-at-Home, and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

We look forward to happier days ahead and the opportunity to continue to serve the Sandwich and surrounding Communities in the near future.

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